Shelter Dog With A Weird “Aggressive” Smile Was Adopted By A Kind Man

Every dog is a good dog and deserves to have a family. But not all of them have that luck. Their life is even threatened. They seem to give up hope of finding a forever home. This tightens people who see these poor animals.

Zeus had experienced a tough past. The golden retriever was left behind at his local shelter due to his rough, rugged appearance. He also had an “aggressive” smile that made humans and other shelter animals a bit scared of him. Thankfully, Dustin Kelley brought him home and gave him a family.

The kind-hearted man first spotted the dog when he was checking out the dogs at his local shelter. Zeus was sitting in the corner of his cage, hanging his head at that time. He looked helpless and hopeless.

Actually, Kelly didn’t look to adopt at first. But when he knew that the sad-looking dog was scheduled to be euthanized the next day, he made a decision. He changed his mind, bringing the dog home.

The shelter wasn’t keen to have the man take Zeus home. They said that the dog was basically “unadoptable” due to his habit of baring his teeth.

But the kind-hearted man kept bringing Zeus home. The dog might fit in his home or at least he could give the dog a few weeks of life.

“The shelter attendant took him out of his kennel and brought him to the lobby so we could leave,” Kelley said. “Not going to lie, it definitely freaked me out a bit at first.”

Dogs like Zeus needed time to get along well with their humans and new living environment. At the first few months after his adoption, Zeus didn’t smile, wag his tail or show his personality.

Thankfully, Kelly’s true love and care for the dog works. Zeus started trusting his dad and made a smile after a very long time. The dog is now a bit silly and adorable, bring a lot of fun to his dad.

“After those first three months, he started to smile all day every day, and that’s when I realized he was showing his teeth because he was excited, not because he was mad,” Kelley said.

Now, the dog with an adoptable smile is always greeted everywhere he goes, from vet office, groomer, store, to Starbucks. People love Zeus and rush out to see him.

Zeus turns out a strong and trustful dog. Thanks to the love and kindness of his man, his life totally changes.

“He’s been with me through some of the worst times in my life. And on every single bad day, his smile has made me smile,” Kelley said. “I might have adopted him, but he definitely rescued me.”

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