Meet Famous Puppy ‘Oreo Cloud’ Who Now Becomes A Gorgeous Fluffy 85-Pound Dog

After shared on the Internet, the beautiful pics of fluffy 9-week-old puppy Chief, aka Oreo Cloud immediately went viral. Everyone fell in love with his stunning appearance and beautiful eyes. The boy looks like a cute living teddy bear. I’m not all sure about whether is he is a Chow Chow or a mix but I have never seen a Chow Chow with such beautiful blue eyes. He is so gorgeous.

As the little puppies can quickly transform into big dogs, they always amaze those who haven’t seen them for a long time. Just look back at the photos of your dog from the moment he was adopted until the present time. He grows so fast, right? These dogs are bigger in size but are still adorable and smart as they used to be. After half a year, Chief weighs 80-pounds and looks like a lion he’s destined to become.

Speaking to Bored Panda, his owner Sara shared: “He loves playing with other dogs and children,”. “Now that he’s older, he’s proved to be a very patient pup that is curious to learn, but ultimately he’s just as perfect if not more than the first day we got him.” She continued.

If you are pet loves or looking for handsome dogs, just give these 26 cute photos of Oreo Cloud a look. He has a lot to get you hooked. Believe us!

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