Kind Woman Sews Look-Alike Dolls For Kids With Disabilities And It’s Touching Everyone’s Hearts

Children with disabilities are often faced with many daily struggles. They are often stigmatized and associated with failure, which lowers their self-esteem. That’s the reason why these children and their families constantly experience barriers to the enjoyment of their basic human rights and to their inclusion in society.

A Wisconsin former social worker named Amy Jandrisevits doesn’t want any child to feel different, so she decides to do something to help them. She is the founder of a business project called “A Doll Like Me. The project’s arm is to sew custom dolls that look like their little owners with disabilities and rare conditions.

““It is a really hard sell to tell a kid, ‘You are perfect the way you are,’ and to build self-esteem that way but never offer them anything that looks like them,” she said. “We are going to change the story.”

According to Today, Amy made her first look-alike doll around 5 years ago when her friend’s kid, who’s transgender, was transitioning. When the friend shared the doll on social media, people started asking Amy if she could make one for their kids too.

Knowing the lack of diversity in dolls for children who have disabilities, Amy started creating the custom dolls.

“Even when I was a social worker, I thought it was important to have dolls available to the kids because everyone should have something to hold. Everyone should have a doll that looks like them,” Amy wrote on GoFundMe.

Amy puts all her love and attention into every single doll she has ever made. “I am invited to such an intimate part of families’ lives,” she shared, “I love that connection.”\

Each doll typically costs around $100, but if a family can’t afford to pay that Amy will do everything she can to make sure their child can still have a doll.

Until now, A Doll Like Me has provided 300 dolls for kids from all over the world.

“When they can’t afford it, I’ll find a way to cover it myself. Whatever it costs, whatever I have to do, I’m going to get a doll in the hands of these children. This isn’t just a business. It’s the right thing to do,” Amy wroted.

Amy is happy because her project could give kids that much-needed boost of confidence and bring joy into their lives. She hopes that every kid can feel loved and included just by looking at their plushy dolls’ faces.

Her ultimate goal is to turn her passion into a non-profit so that every child can have their own doll free of charge. In order to help Amy and kids with disabilities and rare conditions, you can donate money or material goods to her project here.

Amy’s project is touching everyone’s hearts. People from around the world praised Amy for her beautiful mission.

“That is the sweetest and most adorable most thoughtful most kind thing you are a very special lady,” one user commented.

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More info: Facebook | Instagram | GoFundMe

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