Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Reveal They Are Pregnant At The Same Time

Brittany and Briana Deane Salyers are two identical twin sisters who are married to identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers. After marrying in 2018, the Salyers twins live in the same home in Virginia, USA, and are now expanding their families together. They’re pregnant at the same time.

The couples met each other at Twins Day Festival in 2017 and each got engaged six months later. They held a double wedding ceremony in Twinsburg, Ohio in August 2018, and their fairy tale weddings were captured on TLC video.

Briana recalled the day: “I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh, and Jeremy at the twins festival. I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the festival. It’s sort of like everything was in slow motion.”

Brittany and Briana are big fans of everything to do with twin culture, that’s the reason why they love dressing alike. They even consider themselves two halves of the same whole.

Briana explained, “A lot of the wedding planning was extremely fun and even peaceful for Brittany and I to do together because we have the same taste. We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like. We work well together and I would say the hardest part is planning everything across state lines because none of us live in Twinsburg, Ohio.”

The foursome became well known to audiences after they appeared on the TLC special Our Twinsane Wedding. They created an Instagram account, where they revealed the happy news by posting a “Baywatch”-themed Instagram announcement.

“Guess what!!?? BOTH couples are pregnant!” posted the Salyers twins. “We are thrilled and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and to share this news with you all!”

They also opened up about the truly unique genetic bond that their future children will share:

“Our children will not only be cousins, but full genetic siblings and quaternary multiples! Can’t wait to meet them and for them to meet each other!”

“When we have children, my and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children,” Brittany told People in 2018. “Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together.”

The twin sisters said that they had always hoped to marry a set of twins.

“It’s really been a fairy tale come true. Marrying twins is something that’s very important to us. Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that that is what we saw for ourselves.”

“We knew that the chances were incredibly scarce. The stars had to align for our dreams to come true. I get to marry the man of my dreams and at the same time I get to look over next to me and see my twin sister marrying the man of her dreams.”

They also shared that their husbands also planned to marry twin sisters.

“If they couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married. I think that they experienced a lot of the same challenges dating what we call singletons, that means non-twins. It’s hard when you’re dating someone and they don’t understand the twin bond.”

What an amazing story! We really love this big family. If you also love them, please share their story and photos with your friends and family members!

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