Heartwarming Video Of Proud Dads Surprising Their LGBTQ Children For Pride Celebrations Leaves Everyone In Tears

Dublin Bus, a bus operator providing services in Dublin, released a heartwarming video of proud fathers taking their queer children to the city’s Pride parade.

Posting the video to Facebook, Dublin Bus said, “This year at Pride, we had the proudest bus in the parade, not because it had the most glitter or flags, because it had the proudest people, Proud Dads. Gwan ahead and warm the cockles of your heart.”

The video shows a rainbow-colored bus full of proud dads who have Pride flags emblazoned on their hats, tops, and jackets. They are seen surprising their LGBT kids by donning rainbow colored clothing and taking them to Pride.

Driver Stephen McEvoy, who has worked for Dublin Bus 36 years, is one of the dads featured in the video and is seen walking up to his son’s door before popping on the bus into town and dancing with a drag queen.

“His initial reaction will be total and utter shock, he’s not expecting this at all,” he said.

Stephen told BBC News that Liam “said it was the best surprise he has ever had.”

Another proud dad surprised his daughter at a bus stop before doing the same.

He said, “It’s probably a thing I wouldn’t go to, but I think shouldn’t be closed to ideas.”

“This is her [his daughter’s] first Pride Festival since she told everyone that she is gay.”

“It’s a very important step.”

Perhaps the most touching story is of Michael and his dad, Des. The proud father told to the audience about his son, “Eight months ago, she told us she was going to be trans. Two months ago, she said she was changing her name to Michael, and from now on, she was going to be he.”

Des surprised his son on the day telling him, “Hiya Michael! I always told you I was proud of you and I always told you I was going to support you. Let’s go to Pride son.”

“Thank you,” Michael said.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

The video has gone viral on social media and has been viewed over 5 million times in the past 5 days. According to the comments, it touched everyone’s hearts and left them in tears. The whole Internet can’t cope with how loving and sweet these dads are.

One person replied to the emotional video saying, “Wow I had a few tears there. That was so nice and how proud those fathers look. Happy Pride people and be proud.”

Another wrote, “This is the loveliest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Little bit teary. Great job to all the families who shared a bit of their lives.”

These proud dads are a beautiful reminder of the power of love and acceptance. What do you think about this heartwarming and sweet video? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family members!

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