Anderson Cooper Reveals How Fatherhood Has Changed His Whole Life: “It Gives An Order To Everything”

Anderson Hays Cooper is an American television journalist. He is the primary anchor of the CNN news broadcast Anderson Cooper 360.

In late April this year, Cooper surprised and delighted many when he announced the arrival of son Wyatt Morgan during a live broadcast, revealing he had welcomed his first baby via a surrogate. He raises his son with his ex-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, whom he split in 2018.

Recently, in an interview with WSJ. Magazine, the CNN anchor said fatherhood has not only transformed his life but has given him a greater purpose. He confessed that having a little one has already changed everything, and it sounds like the changes are resoundingly positive.

“It’s changed everything,” Cooper admitted. “I’ve often in my life felt like I was waiting for my actual life to begin — it’s obviously ridiculous because I’m 53 years old — but… I’ve been very focused on getting to some place, getting a story. Because I’m focused on him, it gives an order to everything.”

Since Wyatt’s arrival, Cooper’s own sleep schedule has adjusted.

“I used to be a late riser because I work nights. But since I had a son, I pretty much wake up at seven. I don’t use an alarm anymore because I guess I’m just naturally getting up. My whole motivation in the morning is to be there when my son wakes up because it is the greatest moment of my day.”

“He sleeps in this sleep sack, which I didn’t know was a thing, and he makes all these great sounds and he stretches and when he finally wakes up and sees you and smiles. It’s incredible. I live in a 110-year-old firehouse in New York and I’m on the third floor and he’s on the fourth floor. So I go up and I wait around for him to make sounds and then go into his room to be there.”

Cooper admitted that he skipped breakfast due to being on a fasting diet. For this reason, he often enjoyed a cup of coffee to get him going in the morning.

“For about six months, I’ve been fasting, so I don’t eat breakfast. I’ve become addicted to coffee, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I allow myself one to two coffees a day: iced coffee, black and nothing else in it because that’s not breaking the fast. As soon as I’ve seen my son wake up and I feed him, I usually wait until he goes back to sleep. He wakes up around 8:15 and by 10 he’s ready for another little nap. As soon as he goes down, I run and get an iced coffee and I cannot tell you the degree to which I look forward to that.”

“I never really drank coffee until my son. It’s amazing. I now understand coffee, although I do think it’s basically just a narcotic. And we’ve all just accepted that, oh yeah, coffee’s not a drug, it’s just a drink. No, it’s not, it’s a drug. But everyone seems to think it’s OK, it’s legal.”

He also revealed about altering his daily intake of news on social media.

“I used to be on Twitter and reading tweets and that would be the first thing that I did in the morning and I found that it made me feel awful all day long,’ he explained.

“When I step out of bed, I do not want to step into the stream of Twitter. I just stopped. I rarely post at all and I’ve found that my life has improved dramatically, not reading this constant stream.”

In addition to parenting baby Wyatt, Anderson has also been spending this time sorting through the belongings of his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, who passed away last year following a battle with stomach cancer.

“At a certain point, once I had a house of my own and a place I could store stuff, I started moving stuff out of the unit, so I’ve been going through stuff in boxes for fifteen years. It’s finally now down to two large rooms of stuff. It’s personal papers of hers, journals and artwork, her paintings — there’s hundreds of paintings and drawings. It’s fascinating because you never know what you’re going to get. You open one box and it’s a chandelier, you open another box and it’s Rice Krispies from 1953, then you open another box and it’s letters from Gordon Parks or Roald Dahl, just extraordinary history.”

He recalled a quote of advice Gloria would tell him from Scottish writer, Ian MacLaren.

“My mom had a quote that she liked a lot and she actually wrote it on her fireplace. It’s attributed to Plato, but it’s not Plato, it’s a Scottish writer, Ian MacLaren: ‘Be kind, because everybody you meet is fighting a great battle.”

“It’s a really important thing to remember. Some people show their scars but not everybody does. And everybody has been through something and is struggling with something. And it’s very easy not to be kind, it’s very easy to treat people as ‘other than.’ It’s an important thing to keep in mind, that when you start to get self-righteous and want to shout at somebody, maybe this person’s fighting a great battle that we don’t know about,” he explained.

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