Afghan Boy Dances In Joy After Getting A Prosthetic Leg And It’s Heartwarming

If you are feeling down about this world, a heartwarming video of an Afghan boy dancing with pure joy in hospital after getting a prosthetic leg will be all things you need to brighten and warm up your day with happiness.

According to reports, the little boy in the video is Ahmad Sayed Rahman recently got a new prosthetic leg. Rahman and his sister, Salima, were injured when a battle between Afghan government forces and the Taliban broke out in their village in Logar province. Salima suffered bullet wounds to her kidney and legs while Rahman was shot in the leg and consequently, it had to be amputated.

He lost his leg when he was just eight months old. Since then, he wasn’t able to walk properly. Ahmad received his first prosthetic leg when he was one and soon learned how to walk and dance. As he grew up, he needed a new one almost every year to fit with his leg.

The video of the adorable boy was filmed by a physiotherapist, Mulkara Rahimi, at the International Committee of the Red Cross orthopedic clinic in Kabul.

Then it was shared to Twitter by a user called @roya_musawi with the caption, “Ahmad received artificial limb in @ICRC_af Orthopedic center, he shows his emotion with dance after getting limbs. He comes from Logar and lost his leg in a landmine. This is how his life changed and made him smile.”

Watch the video below:

دوستانی که ویدیوی احمد را از صفحه تویتر من بازنشر میکنند خواهشا منبع ویدیو را نیز ذکر کنند. با سپاس

Posted by Roya Musawi on Monday, May 6, 2019

In the video, Ahmed can be seen getting to his feet, dancing to music blasting on the phone, laughing and spinning with joy. As he dances with joy, everyone around him can be seen cheering him on. You can see the happiness in his eyes as well.

The boy’s face lit up with adorable innocence and pure joy which touch everyone’s hearts and made them reach for their tissues. So sad and happy at the same time!

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“Vow, and sometimes we forget the real problems of real people dealing with them on a daily basis. Nothing compares to this happiness and suffering too. So happy for the young man. Bless him and may he stay happy forever.”

“This should teach us not to sweat the little things…”

“This is the smile of victory over all odds of life…god bless you dude…!”

“What a great guy. Thanks for sharing.”

What a heartwarming video! What do you think about this vide? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to share this video with your friends and family members!

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