50 Years After Their Love Was Torn Apart By Racism, They’re Finally Married

Love is the most powerful force in this world. It helps us survive. It also makes us suffer. But when love is real, it can overcome any barrier. The love story of Howard Andrew Foster and Myra Clark has touched the hearts of millions of people. 50 years after their love was torn apart by racism, they’re finally married. A happy ending for true love couples.

Back in 1967 when Howard Foster and Myra Clark were high school students, they fell in love with each other. But their love faced the most insurmountable obstacle at that time- racism. Howard is black and Myra is white.

Interracial marriages had only recently become legal — the landmark Loving v. Virginia case ruled that Mildred (a black woman) and Richard (a white man) Loving could not be imprisoned for getting married in June of 1967 — and there were often race-related riots outside their high school.

Howard decided to break up with Myra to protect her

Howard loved Myra with what all he had. But he was afraid rampant racism would hurt their relationship — and endanger Myra.

“Society wasn’t going to let us be together and she be happy… She’d get tired of the stares; I just thought it was unfair to her,” Howard said of his decision. “Her happiness was the most important thing.”

After two years in love, Richard gave the toughest decision in his life- broke up with Myra, when he realized he was besieged by racism even at university.

“I believed he’d think I would be happy (without him), though he didn’t know what I’m made of,” Myra said of the moment he broke things off. “And that’s okay.”

It was a heart-breaking decision and the couple tearfully hugged goodbye before walking in different directions.

“Then a block away,” Myra told ABC6, “we both turned around at the same time and waved. I really think that wave was, ‘I’ll see you later.’”

Unfortunately, that goodbye would end up lasting for decades.

Howard loved Myra thought they’d never see each other again

“I remember just sitting in my car and crying,” said Howard, “because it was not an easy decision. I really did love her.”

Their lives went in different directions after the breakup. But it never stopped them from thinking about each other.

Howard recalled: “I wondered what would my life be like with her. What would it be like if we had stayed together?”

Myra never married. Howard did, but got divorced…

In 2014, something magical happened. They first reconnected through a mutual friend. Howard came to see Myra, and they were finally reunited across a picnic table in a park.

“For me, the fact that I was sitting there holding her hands is something that I thought would never happen,” said Howard. “And I was not letting her go.”

One year after Howard reached out to Myra, on August 1, 2015, the couple finally married — and they couldn’t be happier.

The couple is now in their 60s, but still in love like teenagers. They hold hands each night when they fall asleep, and despite all the years they lost, Howard and Myra say they have no regrets.

“We enjoy each other; we really enjoy each other,” Howard told Dispatch.

Don’t give up on love

True love is precious and so incredibly rare. Even when it faces insuperable obstacles, never give up hope. It helps us survive and we will reunite one day. When the opportunity comes, grasp it right.

We can all learn from Howard, who said: “I walked away once; I was not going to walk away again.”

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