30 Winning Photos Of European Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020 That You Will Say “Aww”

If you are looking for the best pics of wild animals this year, you’ve been in the right place. This post is the collection of 30 winning photos of 2020 European wildlife photographer of the year. They’re all stunning and emotional, so you can’t stand saying “aww” when scrolling down. Additionally, these winners give us, humans a broader understanding of the living world around us. It’s beautiful and priceless and we all have the responsibility to protect it.

European Wildlife Photographer of the year is a prestigious contest held by The German Society for Nature Photography (GDT). This year, it has received more than 19,000 photos from 38 countries. On Thursday, October 22, GDT announced winners in the first virtual award ceremony. We value the great effort of photographers for their photos at the contest. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

1. Category Nature´s Studio: “Owl Forest” By Bertold Nagy (Hu)

2. Category Men And Nature: “Crab Road” By Tom Schandy (No)

3. Category Birds: “Natural Colours” By Salvador Colvee (Es)

4. Category Birds: “Strange Encounters” By Hannes Klostermann (De)

5. Category Plants And Fungi: “Wrapped” By Theo Bosboom (Nl)

6. Category Fritz Pölking Junior Prize: “A Flurry Of Snow” By Florian Smit

7. Category Birds: “Night Hunter” By Jonas Classon (Se)

8. Category Other Animals: Runner Up: “Curious Glances” By Manuel Plaickner (It)

9. Category Men And Nature: “Busy Lines” By Pere Soler Isern (Es)

10. Category Birds: “Following Mum” By Oscar Dewhurst (Gb)

11. Category Plants And Fungi: “Spirits Of The Bamboo Forest” By Agorastos Papatsanis (Gr)

12. Category Mammals: “A Quick Sip” By Javier Aznar (Es)

13. Category Other Animals: “Firefly Light Trails In The Rainforest” By Konrad Wothe (De)

14. Category Young Photographer 15 To 17 Years: Runner Up: “Musketeers” By Grzegorz Dlugosz (Pl)

15. Category Mammals: “A Study Of Art” By Klaus- Peter Echle (De)

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