3-Year-Old Cancer-Battling Boy Quinn Waters Hailed As ‘Legend And Warrior’ By Dropkick Murphys

We don’t need to act like an angel, but that we should all choose kindness whenever we can. We do not do it for recognition. Our love and kindness will mean a lot to those who need help. It may brighten their day or even change their life forever. We will always value people who help us go through our tough time, right? The story below of love and support from the community to a housebound cancer-battling boy will inspire millions. Let’s scroll down!

The housebound 3-year-old battling cancer, Quinn Waters is being hailed as a “legend and a warrior” by the frontman of the Dropkick Murphys. He has joined scores of others supporting the Weymouth boy’s summer-long fight.

Ken Casey, who sang the Dropkick’s hit “Shipping up to Boston” outside Quinn’s window last week, spoke to the Herald Saturday that the “Mighty Quinn” has inspired the community.
“Quinn has made such a larger impact on our lives than we ever could on his,” Casey said. “Little Quinn is a legend and a warrior.”

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Casey said that it’s “an honor and privilege” to help the family and the brave little boy.

Unlike other kids around his community who can happily chill out in summer, Quinn has been stuck in his house since June. The boy has been forced to stay indoors after three rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant depleted his immune system.

The little boy soon nicknamed after a Bob Dylan song “The Mighty Quinn,”. And people started doing things to make his summertime a little brighter. A puppy parade, a performance from a local youth theater group, a water balloon fight, and many visits from local police officers were then made.

Quinn has suffered from a brain tumor since the day after his third birthday in February. Spending the entire summer inside might seem like a prison sentence to most small children. And a continuous outpouring of support from the community has turned a very difficult situation into an uplifting one, and played an important part in the young boy’s recovery, family members said.

“Trying to keep a 3-year-old inside during the summer even for a day, let alone three months, is damn near impossible” said Jarlath Waters, Quinn’s father. “The support we’ve received has just been amazing.”

On Saturday morning, dozens of trucks drove by Quinn’s home in a procession, honking their horns and cheering him on. More amazingly, some of these trucks traveled from as far as Canada, according to one of the drivers.

“It’s turned into a community movement. Over the last few months everybody just wants to come by and try to put a smile on his face,” Jarlath said. “It means the world to him to have these interactions that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Jarlath said that the amount of people who have come by to visit the Mighty Quinn is in the hundreds.

Quinn’s older sister Maggie, 6, said that all the visitors he gets always brighten his day.

“It really excites him. He loves it,” Maggie said.

Weymouth resident Joe McDonald was among the dozens of people who gathered in front of Quinn’s home Saturday. He said that if not for the community’s effort to help Quinn, he may never have met the boy or his family.

“I have a 3-year-old son, so I know how tough it would be for me. But it’s incredible that the news about him has brought us all out here and hopefully it continues,” McDonald said.

Jarlath said that his family has a meeting next Thursday with the disease management team at Boston Children’s Hospital, where they should get an idea of when the Mighty Quinn can leave the house again.

“He’s lived up to the name the last few months. He’s definitely shown us he’s mighty,” he said.

Quinn’s family also set up a Facebook page to update his progress to friends and family, and to thank everyone for their support to bring awareness about Medulloblastoma, the type of tumor that doctors removed from Quinn’s brain stem.

According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 357 people are diagnosed with Medulloblastoma a year and the disease is most commonly found in young children.

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