25 Hilarious Before And After Pics Of Kids On Their First Day At School

These kids are absolutely comical because they don’t know self-restraint when it comes to having fun and playing with others. All dressed up with a smile, books, and stationary in their backpack, they head out to school. Innocent minds thought it is going to be a fun day there.

No, it is a warzone and these hilarious pictures of before-after will prove just that. Are your kids mentally prepared for a rough world out there?

Entering the real world really change you.


Looks like she’s always excited… right?

Erica Johnson

Looks like someone hates school now.


Capturing two kind of kids on their first day at school.


Her first and last day at pre-k.

Jessica Sierra

She’s seen things.

Guinevere Sta Ana

Gone as a kid, came back like a witch.

Holly Ferris

My niece coming home from school. Looks like a hard day for her.


She ain’t going back there, nope.

Inderia Dehalsingh

Son on her first day at preschool. Staying cool?

Carole Garcia

My seven-year-old not about to go back to school.


Couldn’t find her to go home on her first day at school.

Amie Gamache

Is this the right moment to ask ‘how’s school’?

Shawn Irish

She came back from kindergarten and somehow we can relate with this so much.

Haley Dottley

From “excited for school” to the “future is bleak” on the first day.


First day at school got her trained like a warrior.

Kebab connoisseur

First day at school got her roughed up.

Theresa Channell

Couldn’t have been more excited for weekend.

Annemarie Van Batum

He really was not feeling it.


Before and after school. First day.

Him on first day vs. second day.


Kid’s first day looks rough.

Justine Di Fede

First and second day at school.

On their first and second day of school.

Ty-Lacey Boen

It’s a rough world out there, huh.

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