25 Adorable Giants Who Still Keep The Puppy Soul

Our little pups grow up so fast. They are so tiny on your hand the day when we adopt them but months later, these puppies can transform into giant guys. But their appearance does not affect the personality of these furry friends. They are still friendly, affectionate, and cute. Some even still act like puppies, idiots or sassy guys. Their bulky appearance creates a charming contrast to their personality. But these pets have the charisma to make humans around them fall in love with all of them, including imperfection.

Here are 25 adorable pups who still keep the puppy soul when grown-up, becoming giants. The owners snap photos with their furry friends. Same place, same person, and same pet of the bigger size. Some owners even find hard to hold their pet and lift him up. Giving these a look and the smile will never stop on your own. If you also get a pet, do the same with him, and feel free to share us your pictures.

1. “6 weeks vs 6 months”

2. “Zuko the German Shepard from 8 weeks to 1 year!”

3. “Moose: 12 weeks to 14 weeks”

4. “3 months vs 6 months!”

5. “12 weeks to 12 months”

6. “Our puppy Jojo from 10 weeks to 7 months. He’s officially too big now for my wife to comfortably carry him.”

7. “3 months vs 1 year — the struggle to carry him is real!”

8. “My chocolate labrador Eddie, 1 month vs 1 year”

9. “3 years ago when we first got her vs now!”

10. “Knödels at 6 months and 3 years”

11. “From 10 weeks to 8 months, our boy Teemu is getting harder to hold.”

12. “Ziggy got biggy.”

13. “My boy Ares at 6 months and now at almost 2 years”

14. “An 8-week-old puppy to a 9-month-old derp”

15. “Heavier and older really means more to love and more time to have loved her.”

16. The dog changed a lot, but his spots are unaltered!

17. “Humphrey Bear grew into his name — 8 weeks to 1 year old.”

18. “From a 2-month-old bleep to 6 months old, then to a 1-year-old monster”

19. “Calvin at 6 weeks old and then 1 year”

20. Find a human in the second photo.

21. “1 week after I got him vs 1 year after I got him (11 weeks vs 14 months)”

22. 10 weeks old to 4 years old

23. “13 weeks to 7 months! Mom can’t hold him like that anymore!”

24. Next time we’ll expect a picture of the dog carrying her!

25. From 4 months to 14 months”

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