3. How to:
_ The dog’s file is not going to the toilet where they sleep, so you can rest assured that your dog will not go to the toilet, unless they are too small, or too question. The dog’s cage should not be too big, because too large they will have free space to go to the toilet right there, you should choose enough barn so that your dog is lying comfortable. You should keep the dogs in the barn when you sleep them at night, the next morning let’s get out, but don’t get more than 7 hours, the high likelihood of them going too much to clean the barn. Daytime, depending on whether you are busy or not, decide to leave them in a cage or outside. So every day you wake up, you keep the dog out of the tray, the possibilities are very high, they will clean the tray immediately, then you press the Clicker and bonus. When you talk about Clicker, you should first practice a few times tell them, just listen to the sound will be rewarded, so that they won’t later.
_ Next, you spend 1 to 2 days documenting the moment your dog regularly goes to the toilet, they usually go to the toilet after eating for about 30 minutes, at the new sleep,… Each dog has a different time to go to the toilet, so you can make a specific note for your dog. To get to know the dog to go to the toilet, observe if they grope and inhale the ground, then shoot several rounds as they are going to the toilet, holding them untray immediately, the ability to succeed very high , however, when your dog is just sniffing because it smells like something weird, you must be very refined, to know exactly when they are about to go to the toilet, you are assured after a few days you will easily detect when they want to go to the toilet.
_ As I said above, the dog goes to the toilet where they sniffing the smell, but not you let the tray full of waste in it, if the smell is too heavy, the dog will not go to the tray that goes in the surrounding area that , as they also know, this is very important if you want to succeed, when they go badly, you have to take the right, and when you go lightly, let’s get to the end of the day and move the tray a turn, sand deodorant when wet , you just get the emotion. Remember that tray cleanup is important if you want to succeed. The tray selection is equally important, of course as large as possible, depending on the space of your home, choose a tray that won’t be too small, because when that tray is dirty, your dog won’t want to go to the toilet any more , you choose the plants pots, which will be better than the stainless steel tray, because the ornamental pots made of cement, not rust like stainless steel tray. Select the tray that is around, so that your dog doesn’t dig out the sand, but it’s too tall they won’t step in.
To set them about 2 weeks, they will know that they must go to the tray, but for some reason, it is possible that the outside is still clean than in the tray, so sometimes they go to the toilet. It was a fine, no other way. A few times you will see the effect immediately, of course when they go to the toilet, do not forget to reward. There is a new fine-effect reward.
In short:
_ The first time you guard when the dog comes to the toilet, closing the tray immediately, and reward.
_ Need regularity
_ Clean the tray every day
_ Penalty if misguided, but also deliberately

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