There are many tutorials on the right to the toilet, but the majority set up in the house with garden, however for those in the apartment, training the dog to go to the toilet is difficult. For the person in the apartment, we can only prepare the dog a tray so that it goes to the toilet, the toilet space is extremely small compared to the garden, leading to the breeding of dogs in the apartment is not simple problem. To train the dog with a tray cleaning, in addition to what you can collect from other tutorials, from YouTube videos, there are other points to note, which you will sum up all in this article.
1. The necessary items to train the Untray sanitary dog:
_ Tray: You can use the stainless steel tray that comes with the purchase of a container, or you can buy ornamental pots, which are also important to fit the breed.
_ Cat Litter: Very important, this type of sand absorbs very quickly and does not give the waste to smell the environment, and cleaning is much simpler. Do not buy deodorant sand in Pet shop, you should search the net, at a price of only about 5k/1kg.
_ Treat and Clicker: You give dog some treat, and make sound with you clicker with when your dog’re doing it right
_ Dog Cage
2. Things to note when training dog Untray Cleaning:
_ Because the dog will go to the toilet in the area they sniffing the smell, so they have to clean up the dog places the wrong toilet rules: when the dog misses the home, you must clean the toilet, so buy a dog’s waste deodorant bottle in Shop for pets, though somewhat productive but effective.
_ The first time should not punish dogs when they go to the wrong toilet, because at this time the dog does not understand your idea is to catch them go untray, to wait until they truly realize that the tray will be rewarded, then get fine when they go wrong. The penalty can be scold, or lightly beat.
_ Ask for the regularity, every day must feed dogs 1 certain time period, go to bed and wake also must be in the given time period, so you can determine when the dog goes to the toilet that controls you.
_ Need patience, diligence, this time takes your time, as well as effort, please do thoroughly, the latter will be much more idle.

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