The goddess of the main cats is the American short-haired cat

The American short-haired cat is famous for its health, beauty, quiet personality, and gentleness with children or dogs. The American Shorthair is a private cat of the United States, existing with the American people since the first people from Europe to North America to reclaim. Records show that the ship, called “May Flower” – raised a few cats to let the rats destroy the goods on the ship. Over the centuries, this cat breed has grown widely and become a long flood in North America.

Besides beauty and gentle affection, this cat is also known for its ability to catch mice in the form of “super”. In 1986, a short-haired lozenge with brown fur streaks – even sold for up to 2,500 dollars at the Annual Cat Association at Madison Square. You copy your mouth: “Shit, what the hell is $ 2,500 ???”, but guys, imagine that amount of money from more than 100 years ago, it was so big for you guys. .

In the early 20th century, some foreigners bred Siamese cats, long-haired cats and short-haired cats, to create a series of cute little kittens of all kinds, long or fat bodies, colors, and temperament. love. The breeding was the main purpose of finding a great cat to give to North America, that cat must meet all the requirements such as having a beautiful face, a very gentle personality. and friendly, besides being a perfectly beautiful coat …. And they achieved their goal, a short-haired American cat born, as we know it today.

In 1906, the Association of Cat Breeds and Cat Lovers – CFA – officially recognized this cute cat as one of five registered cat breeds.

Initially, this breed was called the Short-haired Cat House, but later they were given a new name as the American Short-haired Cat, as a special gift for Americans, which is unique and different. for other short haired cats.

A domesticated short-haired cat (domestic cat) may look a bit like a short-haired American cat, like a tabby cat. They can be similar in appearance, color of fur, personality … To choose a purebred cat, it takes years, sometimes having to choose through several generations of cats from each litter, new. fortunate to find a truly purebred cat.

Short-haired American cats do not like excessive care. This beautiful cat is not only a cute creature for us to look at, but also healthy, easy-going and very easy to share. Male cats are more impressive than females, and when they mature, they weigh between 6 and 8 kg. The females are smaller, weighing between 4 and 7 kg. The life span of a short-haired American cat is quite long, from 15 to 20 years, of course depending on the annual vaccination against disease, diet or quality diet, and especially love. for them too.

American short-haired cats come in more than 80 different colors, such as the distinctive striped color of the tabby cat, with bright blue eyes, or silvery, smoky, blended colors. in the loofah color, with black stripes on a luxurious silver gray background. If you pay attention, these cats will appear in many TV commercials, magazines, and films.

And, without a doubt, this beautiful short-haired American cat is in the top 10 of the world’s most beautiful purebred cats, a sparkling star of the cat world.

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