– Devote all the love to Poodle: To train the Poodle breed first you have to spend a lot of time caring, caring for them. Regular dog walking, feeding, bathing a baby toilet to create an emotional pleasure between the two parties.
– When the order is short, clear, Resolut. Between the exercises need a holiday time from the 20s – 30s, avoiding the deluge of orders will make the dog do not understand and do not follow it.
– Be rewarded for poodle (food, cuddly) every day the baby completes the workout.
– Follow the training process, follow the curriculum from easy to hard, avoid teaching swing is lesson 1 jump to lesson 10.
– Be aware of the child’s practice when training. With shy babies need to use the need (athlete, cuddly); With stubborn children who are not trained, it should be clearly determined.
– Often for Poodle to review old items, avoid long days no baby episodes will be easy to forget.
– Most importantly: In the course of training need to be patient, absolutely not beaten, scolded by Will scare the dog and have no spirit to complete the exercises.
2.1. Training Poodle located
– When the puppy is standing to feed before the puppy then slowly descend to the ground. The ham will take the nose and humble himself to the front. Then you use your hand to gently press on the shoulder to catch the puppy lying down and command “lying”. When the puppy is lying, the food is rewarded.
– Repeat from 10 – 15 times for the dog to acquaint.
2.2. Vertical Poodle Trainer
– When the dog is lying or sitting you stand in front of the face, the food handle to the side of the nose, then hold the food backwards and lifted. The ham will stand on the reflex. At this you command “stand” and enjoy food for dogs.
– Note:
+ If the dog does not stand up, we can use 1 rope pulling the dog to stand up.
+ Repeat 10 – 15 times later for the dog to stay.
2.3. Training Poodle Cow
– Command “Lying” for the dog lying down, the left hand holding the food, we have to gently press the butt. At this point you move the foot forward (the left hand still holding the food), and the “cow” command. Originally not accustomed to dog dogs around 1m and reward food, then let the dog go further and get rewarded. Repeat 10 – 15 times and review daily.
2.4. Train Poodle Greetings
– Command “Sit” for the dog to sit down, adjust the position upright, firmly. Then you call the “Hello” command and use your right hand to lift the dog’s front leg onto the ear (the same as the flag). Keeping the posture around 15 – 20s then reward the dog’s food.
– This action needs to be patient, repeatedly gathered will surely succeed.
2.5 Coaching Poodle Handshake
– Ordered the dog to sit down. Then “shake hands” while taking the left hand lifted the dog’s right leg to shake hands, the hand must reward the dog’s food. Repeat the movement about 15 times later for the rest. Review few days the dog will remember the order.

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