The purpose of training is your dog lay down or sit up on orders.

If the dog is lying down, take the meat at the COACH to reward it and praise “good”. Wait a moment later, the left hand grabs the dog, and orders the dog to sit. After continuing the episode so many times. -COACH to the dog sitting on the side, kneeling down, left hand holding a dog collar and elbow over the dog’s back, the right hand holding the two feet in front of the dog pulled down slowly and the password As the back of the dog was dropped, the leg was pulled by the dog, immediately rewarded. Training to do it again and again. -COACH to the dog sitting in front of him bent or squatting. The left hand holding the bridle, the right hand to attractive the dog, when the dog grabs the meat, the word lies down. COACH promptly commands “lying”, reward the meat for feeding it. After the order the dog sat and then resumed training until the dog received the action.

2. Correction of errors: At the beginning of training, there are some dogs lying in a crooked or free lie, lying on the back of 4 legs on the gag, this case COACH for the dog is located and not greasy with dogs, or take advantage of the wall to train , one side is the wall, one side foot COACH in the middle is the dog, due to the two sides so the dog has no conditions of freedom. -There are some dogs that are usually free to lay in, snout to ground, head does not raise. In this case, the call MANAGER commands attention to the first dog looking forward. Or if the dog is tired, then temporarily give the holiday, after continuing the episode.

Refresher dogs hear the “back” command or a hand-run to the MANAGER quickly.

1. Training method:

-Daily dog management, walking dogs, feeding the dog can apply the gravitational method of the command “back” and do the hand, when the dog runs to the front, the COACH rewards him to eat or strove it.

-Take the dog to the beach, order the dog to sit still, COACH go a 10-10m distance, stand to look at the dog for a moment, after the command and call for dogs. The agile dog that runs in front of the COACH is sitting and rewards him for eating. Continue the episode until the Master dog receives the command.

-If the two standard methods are not successful, or the dog that runs in front of the COACH seems sluggish, take advantage of the meal when the dog is hungry, coach the rice bowl has not fed the dog immediately, but ordered the dog to sit still a place and the rice bowl run In front of the dog about 30-40m put the rice pot down to call the dog, again… When agile dogs run to feed it on rice pots. So the dog has just fast and excited. If the dog sees the rice pot only want to follow the COACH without being seated, the COACH ask someone to hold up with the Guardian, when there is a command, call the dog to go to the COACH

2. Correction of errors:

-On the dog line running to the coach, very slow, or discarded and smelling, running away elsewhere. This case, when a dog call must have an attractive primer, the distance is not so long, just run back and call the dog so that the dog does not have the conditions to sink.

-When you call a dog, you have a cheerful attitude. When calling a dog not to be sanctioned. If such a dog would scare the dog out of the command, it would be great.


1. Training method:

-Every day the dogs in the barn desire to be released or to meet it, or to eat. When it comes to the owner of the cage, the dog is excited, taking advantage of the time that the COACH calls the command and doing the “barking”, recalling early morning, COACH standing outside the door call the dog name, the dog will be barking consecutive , The COACH commended it, and it was quickly finished.

-With the feeding dogs, the COACH handles delicious, attractive food that makes the dog excited about the food, then the “barking” command… If the dog is rewarded for a little meat, then train it that way, doing it again and again, so the dog will be reflected.

-COACH forced the dog into the tree, thanks to strangers to handle whip, the dog hated strangers will bark bite, the time that the body of the call MANAGER the command is barking…

-With the dog in the house, when it comes to meals due to high-altitude dog excitation, multiply the password at that time… If it is barking then feed, then continue to train that way. This method is a method of protecting the owner.

2. Correction of errors:

-The dogs are barking when there is no order to bite loud, especially when the body is asleep while doing security tasks, it is forbidden to prevent the dog from barking if there is a case of barking and strict penalty.

-When training this item for aggressive dogs, restrict the use of strangers as dogs, make the dog too dangerous.

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