Extremely interesting habits of cats

Have you ever found that your cat is often stalking, hiding and not being as friendly as expected? Is it a cat’s habit or is it a reason? There are many possible reasons for this action.
For the most part, these acts of evasion are their normal instincts but sometimes they are also noticeable and need checking. Learn about your cat’s habits, find out why your cat is hiding and what it would be like to become a problem.
Why are cats stalking or hiding?
Most cats have a sneaky instinct to look for hidden and quiet corners to enjoy their sleep and the fact that they spend most of their days sleeping. However, sometimes there are other reasons for this cat’s cave. This behavior is most common in wild crossbreeds such as BaBengal, SuSavannah … or ancient cats like Mained Coong.
Perhaps the adopted cat is shy and not yet able to get used to the new home and its new “lotus”. It usually takes quite a bit of time and patience for a cat to get used and comfortable in their new home.

For cats that have been taken care of by their owners, they will have a strong connection with their owners, so when their owners are away, they are more susceptible to stress and hiding behind bookshelves. or roaming the bed will make them feel safe until their owner comes back.
Have you ever seen your cat jumping out of a corner and grabbing another cat or simply beating or clinging to your foot? This is actually a way of playing with them, and if your cats do that to you congratulations, they love and trust you. Sometimes cats also like to hide in boxes and play with themselves like catching or twisting like liquids to fit in the seemingly small space. It is completely a cat’s habit, its normal characteristics, nothing to worry or worry about.
Cats do not like anything? When a cat gets bored and is neglected, it often takes time to hide. The toys for cats you buy can not satisfy the desire to play when they are alone, no one caresses or plays with. If that happens for too long, your cat is prone to stress and become cowardly, so playing and spending time taking care of your “boss” is extremely necessary when you decide to return. became the owner of a cat.
Stalk and catch prey
In the wild, cats are known to be silent predators, they quietly hide and quickly pounce on prey, so you can see this instinct still exists in many cats especially When you let them play outside, it is a habit of cats that they can hardly be removed, this is also an entertaining way of active cats. The hunt for smaller species is also seen as a form of entertainment and profit for their health and toughness. However, in Vietnam, when letting cats go out to play, you should have certain attention for them because cat theft is quite common today (sad).
Should you worry about your cat’s habit?
There is usually no need to worry if evasion occurs as often as a habit and is not accompanied by any other abnormal behavior. Of course, there are times when such behavior appears and you must be extremely careful if k will cause unfortunate consequences or unnecessary damages.

If this behavior is new to your cat, it is likely that he or she has encountered a health problem or is under stress. The accompanying manifestations are easy to mention as:

Loss of appetite, refusal to eat: When these symptoms occur, you should change the type of food for other cats. If that doesn’t work, take them to see a doctor right away to check if they have any health problems? Studies have shown that cats with fatty liver disease are more likely to suffer if your cat refuses to eat for more than 3 days, and the disease has a high mortality rate.
Changes in cat’s excretion (urination): You should regularly check your cat’s litter box because a change in the excretion problem is most likely a manifestation of a cat’s dangerous condition. If your cat’s feces or urine exhibit unusual signs of changes in his normal vocal behavior, you should immediately take your cat to the nearest veterinarian for advice on treatment. Diseases related to infections and congestion in the secretion will proceed very quickly and dangerously.
Unusual aggression: when your cat becomes abnormally aggressive it can be a catalysis or it is under severe stress or in some state of fear. You should take them to the vet to check if they have any health problems because sometimes the pain will lead to aggression and concealment.

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