Bizarre habits and actions of cats

Have you ever wondered what cat habits and behaviors you see often? Why are your cats acting so bizarre? Discover the meaning behind those strange behaviors and habits.
To help you understand the cats’ seemingly unintelligible actions, we point out 10 behaviors that are often considered to be cat’s mysteries, but they are actually not as difficult as we think.
Wash the face
What happens when the cat approaches you and rubs his face from the nose, feet to ears, feet, arms or face? That means the cat likes you, it wants to be close to you. Cats have scent glands on their face. When it rubs against you, it’s an act of getting used to and coordinating the scent with you. If you want to make a good impression on a cat, keep a finger relaxed a few inches from their nose. If the cat continues to sniff and rub your hand, you can slowly approach them by gently rubbing the neck. The face is the best place to pet a cat. Many cats don’t like being petted at other places until they complain to you.
Headbutt your friend
When a cat heads its head against you, that’s how it wants to say hello, it trusts and feels safe around you. It is also a way for it to share your feelings with you.
Giving you a gift
This may be something you didn’t want: an animal corpse or an insect right under your feet. Ever since he was a kitten, his mother may have done this for him. You might encourage its action by paying more attention to it when it gives you a “gift”. Your cat is very generous when sharing its prey to thank you for feeding it, or simply it wants to share the feeling of success in hunting with you, that’s how it shows affection. with you. If you do not want to receive such unexpected gifts, you can find a way to keep the cat indoors or wear a bell, an accessory for cats on its neck. That makes it difficult to chase your prey, thus reducing the number of dead animals or insects that cats love to give you.
Gnaw everything
Plastic, filthy objects, rugs, wiring, bottle gaskets, wool blankets … if your cat eats such things, it may be in an eclectic state. Cats that suffer from eczema for a number of medical reasons, such as digestive disorders, may stem from anxiety. Much like humans biting their fingers or twisting their hair when they are nervous, cats nibble on inedible things as a way to reduce anxiety. And now it’s time for you to worry about this weird behavior of the cat in this case. These objects can wreak havoc on your cat’s gums and gums. And if the cat is nervous, it needs help too. If you have a cat that constantly eats non-cat food, you should take it to a veterinarian for a checkup.
Favorite boxes and small spaces
Want to know how to “catch a cat”? Just given a small box on the floor. Your cat will enjoy getting in. Being in a small box or space will help your cat feel safe and better protected than going out. It also reminds you that they don’t want to be disturbed.
Staring at you
Nobody does not feel embarrassed if they have an unrelenting eye contact. It may be trying to catch your attention so you can give it some food. If he doesn’t try to be nice to you for the next meal, he stares at you just because he sees you’re a cat and he wants to know exactly what you’re thinking.
Ignore you
Sometimes cats love to glare at you, sometimes the cat will ignore you. Like humans, cats need to be alone. When the cat is acting as if it needs its own space and quiet, leave it alone. It will feel safer with you because it knows you respect its needs. By leaving your cat alone time, you are creating a space for him to look for you when he wants a cuddle or a cuddle.
Do not cover waste
The habit of cats is always hiding their wastes when the toilet is finished. When a cat doesn’t cover its waste in a cat litter box, this could be a sign of illness or behavioral problems. There are many painful conditions in cats such as injured paws, which is why cats stay away from small buckets. To eliminate any health problems take your cat to the vet.
If it’s not a disease, there are different reasons your cat won’t use its litter box. The cat is picky about his sandbox and he doesn’t like the current waste box. Or maybe you don’t keep that sandbox clean enough. It is also possible that the box is too small for the cat to enter.

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