Best practices for caring for a kitten and caring for a kitten after its birth

Anyone who has a female cat will probably have to take care of the kitten and take care of the kittens after the mother has delivered. Cat’s instinct for motherhood and self-reliance are high so they can usually take care of this part of themselves, of course we still need support. But there are many fairly clumsy cat breeds so you should find out first.
Caring for cats before and after birth:
If you suspect a cat is about to give birth, check the following:
– Previously, cats disappeared about 1-2 days before returning
– After returning, cats often cry miserably (to call their lover :)))
– About 1 month later, the belly of the cat seems to be a bit bigger, hard to touch (like the belly is tense)
– Near the time of delivery, the shape of the abdomen is uneven, hard, even there are protruding spots.
– One day, the cat repeatedly called me asking for help, saying something -> ready to give birth.
Be stroked constantly to give cats peace of mind. It will not sound and lie still. Also prepare some food for him (he will eat even a little)
How to take care of a cat before giving birth is as follows:
– Give plenty of food, eat more rice (or porridge … things related to flour) to have more milk.
– Keep your cat warm, especially do not inject, do not take medicine, do not eat spicy, acrid, sour … Avoid eating hard foods in the stomach …
– Give it a warm, private place
* Nest: + Find a big box (estimated to be spacious for one mother and four kittens, while avoiding kittens being crushed by mothers)
+ Put the box in a dry place, avoid sunlight (because when the calving is finished, put in the sun exposure place will be very hot), do not leave the place with iron and steel.
+ Lining a smooth, thin cloth (so that mothers and kittens do not overheat, quiet)
+ Powdered milk and a separate spoon (after giving birth, the mother must scoop the milk for her cat to lick several times to get strength).
How to take care of a cat after giving birth
– Do not move the cat litter.
– If you see a kitten that has an intestine stuck in the belly button (looks like a bladder) but can’t get rid of it forever, then you have to remove the kitten (have to wait until the intestinal cord is connected to the dry vein like the dried leaf stalk to cut) to Kittens can breastfeed.
– Let the mother take care of the kittens for a while, take the spoon out of the milk and reach inside so the cat can lick directly. Let the mother lick as much as possible. (daily work)
– The mother cat will leave the nest after a while, give her the cat to gnaw the chicken bones to be nutritious, or the fish must be separated from the mother ‘s cat bones, mashed the rice (or replaced with porridge), mixed with food to The mother cat takes the flour (with milk)
– When the newborn cat is born, she should warm the mother and her children, can light the lamp on the nest, or not, she buys a rubber bag, put warm water in and put it in the nest. milk for a kitten
– Must monitor mother cats and kittens at night (with dew -> to open so it is easy to be misted in), must cover carefully so that it is not too secretive.
– When the mother cat took her off to another place, she has to follow her alone to see where she will go (there are cases where the mother cat will let her child fall away) You can even take him to his desired place. The mother cat will not react to the owner. That will ease care.
– Kittens must breastfeed continuously as much as possible (more than 1 month). If the mother cat separates too often, she must take the kitten to feed the mother cat (more than 10 feeds / day).
– Kittens are allowed to play indoors for a month, cool, easy to take care, easy to play to enhance physical strength.
– Kittens wean -> feed ribs porridge continuously for 2 months to get accustomed to the intestine before feeding fishmeal fully (sometimes give it milk)
Kittens opened their eyes:
+ When not opened, do not try to open your eyes (no matter how light, or the kitten opened one eye -> must let it open itself) -> the kitten may be blind
+ Clean your eyes daily for a few days after the birth of the kitten by taking a tissue (preferably clean cotton swab -> soft -> when rubbing painless kitten or cotton ball in the eyes) wipe clean with water Gently around the corner of the eye to get rid of dirt (do often) -> Kittens open the eyes smoothly and not get sick.
+ Absolutely not bathe both mother and kitten (when the mother was pregnant -> when the kitten was weaned for about 1 month)
– Do not give sugary milk. Sweetened milk will affect your cat’s digestion. For convenience, you can buy Vinamilk’s unsweetened milk. Buy more cat food to tame cats and cats to eat. Make sure he drinks enough water and keep warm.
– Limit sweets. Do not eat spicy, sour, .. types that can affect digestion.
Until the day the kitten was vaccinated against helminths for her to be resistant, healthy, and long-lived. (also need to consult a good doctor)
The mother cat feeds a lot of rice and porridge during breastfeeding. When the weaner should feed him more fish and meat.

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