Which cat has charming twisted ears everyone wants to own?

The twisted ear cat is adorned with luxurious twisted ears with long hairs ruffling from the ears, reminiscent of a noble lady’s ostrich fur hat, which is admired worldwide.
This cat has a unique ears, gracefully twisted backwards, creating a lively agility – you will surely laugh when you meet this cat for the first time. The ear curvature of the cat ears is quite pronounced, compared to normal cats, their ears create an arc from 90 degrees to 180 degrees like the curvature of a sea shell.
Although twisted-eared American cats have very special ears, their bodies are quite rough, with a silky smooth coat, and fast, chestnut eyes – similar to other cats. This breed has both fluffy and smooth types, with different colored fur. And these cats need thorough care from a young age, such as daily grooming. When the kittens were born, their ears were straight. But after only 3 to 5 days, those lovely ears will curl around and arch and fix once they are about 16 weeks old.
The cat’s endowment has a special ear, resembling that of a wildcat, with two long tufts of fur hanging out and fanning slightly backwards, as if showing us a stylistic look. , elegant and no less active of this breed.
This funny cat has a very special and hyperactive personality like a child. According to some owners of the twisted-eared cat: he is happy to sleep in a large bowl with a very high wall, or to think about how to break into the bathroom when you take a bath and play with shower with you, or when you watch an intriguing television show – he will be “selfish” and occupy a big place in front of the screen, or more crude, he will deliberately push Let the clatter chatter when you need peace.
But this cat has characteristics that people can’t help but love: being loyal, harmonious and easily getting to know other animals, children, and quickly adapting to new situations. It is said that this cat is a bit like a dog, especially a considerate attitude towards its owner, and is often very close to its owner.
When meeting a new owner, he will show a very respectful respect for the owner, giving them surprise after surprise. Noiseless noises, noisiness, inquisitive personality, hidden intelligence will easily be noticed through the hunched sound of a dove. In addition, this breed takes good care of its children, from the time kittens are born to adulthood – and is likened to the Peter Pan of the feline.

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