Textured characteristics of the bengal’s cat breed

The most striking feature of the Bengal cat is its fur similar to its ancestors. It is an Asian leopard cat. However, this cat also has many very colorful and rich fur variations and many unique patterns. Find out what is interesting and interesting about Dogily’s fur with the breed of Dogily.

These are the two most popular patterns on the Bengal cat fur. Dogily will share with you how to distinguish these two patterns. If the patterns are framed by dark black, the inside is lighter than the rose petals. Bengal cats with this pattern are often called rosetted bengal.

For spotted Bengal cats (called fur patterns), you can easily distinguish them from the pink Bengal cat. The spotted motifs are much smaller than the rose petals and only have a uniform, darker color than the fur. Patterns of rose petals can be very diverse, not necessarily like rose petals. These include the pattern of cookies, clouds, seals or arrowheads. And all of these colors are recognized in purebred cats.

True to its name, on the fur of Bengal marble appears rhyme patterns. These patterns look like marble patterns. If anyone has ever seen the wild looks in the pink Bengal cat. With his appearance, all wild newspapers. When I met a marble Bengle. The impression of a wild appearance is even stronger. Bengal marble is the most beautiful when she turns 1 year old. The bigger the kitten, the more sharp the color becomes, the contrast is strong and colorful. The coat of the Bengal Marble cat sometimes appears as spotted or pink-winged as on the coat of spotted Bengal cat and the pink-winged Bengal cat.

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