Training of initial basic actions for dogs is of utmost importance, to train highly disciplined dogs, restrict wild behaviors, and train dogs in physical strength, for dogs to exercise a follicular bloom , balanced development, flexibility, bravery, endurance. The training of basic actions for dogs as a basis for dogs adds a close relationship between home and dog. In the order of the Chains, the “proceedings” are worn by the dog that makes dogs learn faster. A six-month trade in dogs is the most common for the fundamental dong. However, the trainer is not allowed to hit the dog.
The purpose of teaching dogs is based on the command line, the coach’s hand, always going next to, left by the coach, not for the dog to advance beyond and also not to lag behind, or optionally flee away elsewhere. It works to refrain from free dogs, and is highly selfish, the dog does not abandon the position, protects the master or runs away from the master’s control ring.

1. Training method:-Coach the handle of the rope forward, just go and breathe the slogan “Follow”. The dog went through the coach, “good”, complimented it; If the dog goes over, startled, and the “slow” command. If the dog descends, jerk off to the “fast” and “follow” command passphrase. Let’s go to the train so many times, when the dog has gone exactly, gradually turn to the road or wide beach for training. -Take the dog into the lawn for familiarization, after the hook and the dog leads to multiple turns. When the dog had heard the command followed well, gradually opened the bridle (chain hook), if the dog still retains the exact position along the side alongside the coach, then reward and feed the meat. While training the forms go fast, go slow, run turn left turn right, stop going forward, etc. The training until the coach goes to what form the dog continues to follow the order.

2. Correction of errors:-while walking in the presence of dogs that run beyond, or lag down the back, or fear of avoiding coaches, then it is necessary to look for causes that are too strong, stimulate canine pain or daily management that causes bad practice , it is necessary to fix it now, by holding the meat at hand to reward the dog, combining the mild strobe of the dog. -For dogs of the type of neurotic nerve, which are often affected by an alluring influence, there are phenomena that want to flee or loose the ropes when the coach goes under should not drop the chain hooks hurry, wait when the dog has a good discipline new drop cord Diamond.

Dog training sits on the coach’s hand command (seated next to the coach).
1. Training method:-For dogs to stand on the left of the COACH, the right hand holding the dog neck ring when pulling up, the left hand press the dog down the command “sit”, when the dog sits, the reward for eating meat and stroking promotes the complete movement -For the dog to stand on the front, the left hand holding the collar of the dog raised up, the right hand to hold the irritated meat that combines the motto “sitting”, when the dog is on the meat, he will sit down, the COACH reward it and keep practicing so many times Until the dog hears the order seated. -Daily for dogs to eat, the COACH raises the rice pots, the dog wants to eat a high excitement, require consecutive leaps and legs to bear the weight of the whole butt to point the butt to the ground want to sit, then multiply the chances of the order to sit in conjunction with The face of the dog. When the dog sits, the COACH rewards the feeding of the dog immediately. -After giving the dog a walk, the coach calls the dog, the right hand clapping to the chest of dogs, the left hand will press the dog down the chest to stop the dog, and the dog will sit down.

2. Correction of errors:-Some of the dogs sit crooked, or the rear legs are not accurate, it is necessary to correct to avoid bad practice. The coach uses a left leg to turn the dog’s leg on, or take his toes to press the dog leg, it will shrink. With the many wrong dogs, it is possible for the dog to sit down on the left side of the coach, as the dog wall is not crooked or not to sit out or display the legs, gradually the dog into the correct sitting. -There are cases where dogs are afraid, often sit away or face away from other places, knob attitude. Coaches need to timely reward swipe view feeding, the voice command temperate, avoid beating the dog.

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