Experience needed to take care of kittens

Having a cute cute cat will surely make you feel excited and happy. But if you do not pay attention to training and care in the first place, you will be confused and find it difficult with cute cats but also mischievous and extremely difficult to understand. Here I share with you the experiences of raising cats from yourself and collecting.
Choose a kitten at the right age
Cats are always a favorite pet and want to own one in the house, but not everyone knows how to adopt a kitten. Do not be too eager to rush into the cat to adopt, because if the cat has not reached the appropriate age to separate the mother, you will have to spend a lot of effort to take care of it, that is not to mention. Because of its weak resistance, it is easy to get sick, even die because of not being able to adapt to the new living environment.
Therefore, if you want to raise a cat, you should catch the kitten when it is about 8 – 10 weeks old, weaned from the mother and can eat normally.
Check your cat’s health before feeding
I want to raise but I would not like to ‘carry’ a ‘sick’ cat because care is not only harder, but you also face the risk that family members may become infected. Bacterial infections, viruses from it. To check the health of the kitten before its adoption, you should take it to the veterinary facility for testing, treatment (if any), and vaccination to prevent other common diseases in animals pet like leukemia, parasitic disease, immunodeficiency …
Provide a safe indoor space for the kitten
When changing habitats, kittens are very timid and fearful of everything around. To ensure safety, you should set up a small private corner dedicated to it, especially when the house also breeds other pets such as dogs for example. Leave it there for a few weeks, carving out the kitten will get used to it and adjust to the new environment, at which point your cute cat will leave the nest and find a place to lie. feel like more.
The correct way to raise a kitten is to leave it free indoors
The experience of raising cats is to give them the freedom to get used to and adapt to the new environment as a way to raise kittens to help avoid ‘difficult’ problems later on. If you have tied and chained it in the first place in a fixed place, the cat will feel constrained, lost freedom, more slowly, even stress, fear. That makes it difficult for kittens to adjust to a new habitat.
Practice kittiness and routine
To make it easier to care for and raise a cat, you need to practice giving it a routine and routine. From eating, when, where to go to the toilet when, where … must be trained into a habit from the time the cat was small.
Take the kittens for regular veterinary visits
Kittens not only need to have a veterinary examination at the time of their adoption and are in the process of their growth and development. You need to schedule regular checkups and vaccinations between 2 and 3 months for cats to stay healthy, and help protect the health of family members again. That is how to raise pets in general and how to adopt kittens in particular of modern young people today.
Look after kittens with proper nutrition
In addition to caring, the diet plays an extremely important role to help the kittens grow healthy and plump, more adorable. During the pre-feeding period (at 10 weeks of age), the kittens will be breastfed for 1 month, then combine milk and dry foods until 10 weeks of age to completely wean . After you start feeding the cat, you can feed him the dry food bought at a pet store, or in a supermarket. You feed about 3 times a day until the cat has grown to the age of 3 – 6 months of age, then reduced to 2 times a day.
Contact and create close relationships with kittens
In order to have a close relationship with the cat, you need to be in close contact with it from an early age when you are about 1 – 2 weeks to catch. At 10 – 12 weeks of age, a cat is small so it is easier to ‘sniff’ to the owner, but if it is let the cat grow or catch the cat when it is old it will be difficult to wrap, even keep it old habits and wild behaviors.
Each person has different experiences with cats, but for them to have a comfortable and best life, these are 8 tips for those who start cats.

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