Burmese cats – beautiful and cute cats

Looking at the size of Burmese cats, you will be very surprised to know their actual weight. They are often described as “bricks wrapped in velvet”. Burmese have short, soft, satin-like plumage and generally do not require daily care. There are many different types of heads and bodies in this breed and the most common show shows are cats with a solid body and a round head. Burmese cats have large, expressive eyes that are innocent, innocent and irresistibly attractive. Those eyes are one of Burmese’s most powerful weapons, enough to defeat anyone’s heart. The same eyes conceal an incredible power capable of mesmerizing their owners, making it easy for them to win their lifetime love for them.

As a child, Burmese cats were quite lively and lively. They often look clumsy, clumsy when the feat of doing something beyond their ability and then fell to the ground butt. When adults, they play more playful. At this time, their outstanding intelligence and individuality are beginning to be revealed. In addition to possessing a graceful beauty, Burmese also has the “talent” to perform the task of tracking people in or out of your house, and they do it effectively. When encouraged, Burmese liked to talk to people in a gentle and sweet voice. They are not only kind to children but also to your family dog. And if they get acquainted from an early age with something pleasant, most will love to travel in a car.

Burmese like to be close to people. Their personality is almost like that of a dog, always following and being with the owner like a silhouette. They yearn to give their affection to their owners and also desire to receive loving affection from them. Burmese also make people feel happy and comfortable when they learn how to find and pick up items for their owners (like the pet dogs often do). They like to recline in their hearts because they feel so warm. To those they love, they always love to be cuddled and cuddled by them. They also love to help their owners with house management. Burmese’s character is always close to him. The female cat likes to watch everything that happens in a central location and plays an active role in managing the house. Male cats prefer to watch things while they are still prostrating in their hearts simply because they are more comfortable. If the owner is not very psychologically underestimated Burmese thoughts, thoughts, they will sulk at them but fortunately, they are not angry for long. Burmese can transform those who hate cats the most to become those who love them wholeheartedly. Please forewarn! Once you meet them, you will be fascinated by them, reeling (if you are a potato chips addict, remember that Burmese’s charm is just as strong as the junk food). that charming). And then you will realize one thing: it is impossible not to own a Burmese uncle!

Never leave Burmese cats outside because they are too gullible and almost devoid of, or if there is, very little survival instinct. You should pay attention to their needs and do not think that they can search for food, chase opponents or avoid themselves when encountering a car, Burmese can not do it!

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