The art of communicating with short-haired cats

Short-haired cats have an honest, adorable appearance, are gentle and popular, but not all short-haired cats obediently obey, so have to teach some stubborn kittens, so teach What are the essential skills of a short-haired cat?
How to teach short-haired cats to remember their names
When it’s in a state of excitement, often saying its name, can make it easier to remember its name, such as when stroking, playing or feeding it, are all good opportunities. Pay special attention, absolutely do not name it when you want to punish, otherwise, it will associate with punishment and name it together, and fear when in front of you.
A method for teaching short-haired cats behavioral behavior
The cat also has some behavior, such as when you call him, want to hug him, he has to give orders to the kitten, at this time, you have to repeat these movements moreover, when the kitten is right, you Gotta praise it, if it does wrong, you have to punish it. Normal situations will use food, language, stroking to appreciate it.
Train short-haired cats in language
Include complimenting language, stroking the head or feeding to improve the accuracy of kittens’ behavior. In the beginning, every time a cat completes a simple gesture, can compliment it, then gradually increase the level of teaching, the reward condition must also improve, when it completes a few complex actions. magazine, give it appropriate rewards, so that it can promote the effects of rewards.
Teach short-haired cats how to shake hands
Teach short-haired cats to shake hands with you, can use lure food and reward methods. Prepare a little food that short-haired cats like to eat before conducting the lesson, for example: fish, beef, … The owner applies some minced meat on his right hand so that his fingers smell of meat. Then call the kitten, then raise her right hand in front of the kitten to smell the food, and softly say “shake hands” to the kitten. Wait until the kitten smells the meat, it will naturally bring its head out. Next, the owner raised the hand that smelled of meat, of course the kitten would stand up and raise its paws to catch its hand so that it could eat the meat. At this time, the owner can raise his hand to grasp the kitten’s claws, then say “shake hands” and shake its hand, and at the same time feed the kitten to eat.
Teaching a handshake for short-haired cats, the owner needs to be persistent, until the short-haired cat catches the “handshake” act, after forming a conditional response, the owner can stop working Teach the remaining cats.
Penalty short-haired cat when misconduct
Punishing short-haired cats, every type of animal has its own unique personality and habits, kittens are no exception, they may prefer to pee by the tree, or leave traces on household items, you There is no way to change their heavenly personality, but it can change its goal, for example by giving it a rake.
When keeping a short-haired cat, we will discover it also has other special instinctive traits. When teaching an English Shorthair to correct bad behavior, the owner should still be aware of appropriate sanctions, so that the kitten will understand which behaviors are wrong, will make you unhappy and will be angry. Later in daily life, slowly teach your kitten to change bad habits, teach her to grasp the basics of good behavior and habits.
Teach short-haired cats not to bite people
When a short-haired cat plays unintentionally grabs the tip of your finger and bites, you can yell loudly or show anger, and then gently tap its head (good force control, cannot be too strong) , otherwise it will hate you; nor can it be too light, otherwise it will assume that you are playing with it), then stretch your finger out for it, it will have revenge psychology so it will bite you again again, this time you gently pat it on the head, and then extend the finger to it.
Repeat this four or five times, until it does not bite your hand, just gently suck your hand into your mouth. The next time you see it bite another person, use this method again, for a month, it will work better.
Teaching short-haired cats may not be effective in a short time, nor will all kittens, for teaching, the owner must be patient enough, unable to increase punishment if the kitten without coordination, that is not conducive to teaching.

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