Interesting facts about cats you already know?

All cats, whether domestic or wild, share characteristics that only they have. Here are 23 interesting facts you may not know about cats:

1. Cats are carnivores and need at least 30% protein in their daily cat food diet, and cannot live with vegetables or cereals only.

2. Cats have very strong jaws, pointed teeth and claws that can shrink when not in use. Their eyes probably don’t need much discussion – they were born to help cats hunt in the dark.

3. Don’t be alarmed when your cat brings “surprise” gifts like birds, mice or other rodents. This is a natural behavior of cats when they want to please you.
4. Cats will purr when they’re happy and even when they’re stressed!

5. Cat’s coat consists of 2 layers, a undercoat and a thicker outer coat.

6. Contrary to popular belief, cats are very “social” animals. They will respond to and respond to most words, and enjoy good relationships with people.

7. If freed, a female cat can give birth to 3 to 7 kittens every 4 months. This is exactly why people often sterilize male cats.

8. Kittens are born with 2 eyes closed and ears closed. When they open their eyes for the first time, their eyes will be blue. Cats will change eye color several times over several months until their last color.

9. If well cared for, cats can live for 20 years or more. Before buying or selling pet cats, make sure you take good care of them.

10. In the United States, cats have taken down dogs to become the most popular pet.
11. Cats, and even dogs, are color blind, but cats can see blue, red and green.

12. Do you know that people with cat allergies are not actually allergic to cat fur? In fact, they are allergic to cat saliva.

13. Most human medications are toxic to cats, especially aspirin.

14. Your cat’s saliva has an enzyme that helps to remove fur!

15. If a cat has been “unapproachable” for the first 2 months after its birth, it is unlikely to be a good pet.

16. When you see a cat scratching a claw somewhere, it may not be just for “honing” but showing that the cat is happy!

17. If you’ve ever heard of “cat houses”, you should buy now, because this is a great exercise and also an ideal resting place for them!

18. Cat’s heart beats 140 times a minute, twice his heart rate!

19. Cats may have 5 toes on each front, this is normal, but only 4 toes on the hind legs.

20. An adult cat has 290 bones (excluding the bones of other species in its stomach).

21. Cats almost never make a “meow” in front of another cat. This sound is only for people!

22. The normal temperature of a cat’s body is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, “a little warmer” than “human”.

23. The more you talk to cats, the more they will “complain” to you!

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