Feeding cats: 8 basic steps when starting

What do cats need?
Besides dogs, cats are the most popular pet of all households. To start raising cats, we need the following background knowledge:

1. Choose a cat
Choose a healthy cat, ensure the following requirements: agile gait, smooth fur, bright eyes, around the mouth and eye rims clean and free of dirt. Using the leather handle of the nape of the cat, lift off the ground to see the hind legs and tail tucked toward the front of the abdomen. For a young cat before 35 days of age, to know whether a male or a female cat look behind you under the anus, if there are 3 black dots (including the anus) that are male cats, there are 2 black dots that are female cats .

2. Breeding female cats

Familiarize and fix your cat: When you first bring your cat home, he or she must tie it to the cat’s neck. Tie the neck so that the button is easy to untie, but it is a dead knot so it does not fall off without causing the cat to choke. The strap is about 80 – 100 cm long. Tie the cat in place, use a low-cardboard box, a soft padding to place it next to where the cat is laid. Attention should be paid to regularly observing and changing cat litter. The fixed time is about 3 days for cats to get accustomed to the house, and can let the cats freely
3. How to teach your cat to go to the toilet

Use a box, plastic basin, low iron wall, add charcoal and sand in and place next to where the cat is tied, he will instinctively go to the toilet there. Be sure to change charcoal regularly, not to store dirty, cats will not go to the toilet there.

4. Cat food

Mainly fish rice, meat, vegetables … When young, cats really need protein food so often give cats eat fish, fish should bake or stock and pay attention not to eat salty cats.

5. Detect estrus cats

When the female cat is about 6 months old, she will start to heat. When the cat’s estrous makes a male call, the sound is most pronounced at a quiet night. Time for estrus to be about 3-4 days, bear males on the 4th day.

Female cats get as many male cats as possible, because the color, the fur of the offspring will be more beautiful and more vibrant.

6. Taking care of the laying cats

Females 59 to 62 days (2 months) are born. When preparing to give birth, the mother showed signs of: her mother looking for a litter, with obvious abdominal distention, slow and careful walking, external and swollen external genitals, enlarged breast, squeezing have solid white milk.

When seeing that the mother cat is about to give birth, make a nest for the kitten. The nest box is made of cardboard boxes and plastic pots with soft cloth lining to make cats litter box and must be placed in a private, clean, quiet place with few passers-by.

Allow the mother to give birth, lick and bite her navel, intervening only when necessary.

Absolutely do not allow strangers to go to the place of the cats because they will stimulate the mother cats, they will release the baby away, do not breastfeed or bite the baby to death.

7. Take care of the kittens

New born kittens close their eyes completely, can find the breast to breastfeed. The mother will clean the kittens during breastfeeding.

The main food of kittens is breast milk, so the time to raise babies needs to nurture and care for the kittens. Feed your mother 3-4 meals / day with nutritious food. If you find that your mother is low in milk, the hungry cat will always call for you to use more cow’s milk mixed with warm water for her to drink to increase the amount of milk to feed the baby. Around the 13th day of birth a kitten starts to open its eyes.

Around the 35th day, feed the kitten with flour or rice paste. After 45 days old kittens have been eating by themselves and can separate from the mother.

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