20 Photos Of Animals With And Without Their Iconic Patterns

Have you ever been curious about the patterns of animals on their body? They help animals adapt to the living environment, protecting them from predators, for instance. Additionally, these patterns make the animal more attractive. Let’s take the colorful “eyes” on the tails of the peacocks as an example. Clearly, they make these fluffy guys more handsome when dancing.

Just imagine what these animals look like without their iconic patterns. It’s such an interesting idea, right? The list below has 20 animals that are involved in that imagination. Scrolling down and you can’t help saying “aww”. Animals in this new version are hilarious and adorable, too. We never think that they are so simple without their patterns. Let’s check them out!

1. Peacock

2. Panda

3. Giraffe

4. Wood duck

5. Cow

6. Cheetah

7. Siberian Husky

8. Red panda

9. Penguin

10. Scarlet macaw

11. Raccoon

12. Chameleon

13. Woodpecker

14. Lemur

15. Tiger

16. Zebra

17. Badger

18. Okapi

19. Bald eagle

20. Mandrill

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