20 Best Beautiful Green Flowers Around The World

Do you love green color? Certainly yes, right? The simple reason, this color represents nature and freshness. That is the reason why they always easy to steal anyone’s heart. When it comes to green, most of you will think about leaves firstly! But the green color is not limited there. You can find your favorite color in flowers, absolutely can because they exist. To know the names of those flowers, check our post today.

Here are 20 types of green flowers that stand out any space when they appear. Although each has its own beauty, all of them are easy to attract every looks. You know, yellow, red, or pink flowers are easy to see everywhere, but green flowers are so unique and rare. If you are a lover-flower and you are own a collection of the strangest flowers, this list today is for you. Save them and enjoying their beauty!

#1 Green Star Gladiolus

The green star grows in tall ruffled flower spikes; the flower bulb is termed as corms.

#2 Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid is an easy-to-maintain variety of orchids. It blossoms in winters with a bunch of flowers that grow on each stem.

#3 Green Chrysanthemum

Commonly known as mums, available in hundreds of varieties and comes in different colors, sizes, and flowers.

#4 Green Hellebores

This beautiful perennial flowers from February to May, in leathery leaves, with a center, ornamented in the cluster of thread-like petals.

#5 Green Rose

Greensleeves Rose blooms in lime green to sea green color that looks divine, making it one of the best types of green flowers on the list!

#6 ‘Green Goddess’ Calla Lily

Calla Lily is an appealing and elegant flower, commonly known as Arum lily. The flower is easy to grow in containers as well with low requirements.

#7 Green Cockscomb

Celosia comes from the Amaranth (Amaranthaceae) family. There are varieties available in striking green shades.

#8 Hydrangea Annabelle

These charming flowers are going to enhance the beauty of your garden. Hydrangea blossoms in small flowers with large heads.

#9 Green Tulips

These green tulips thrive in white and green shades.

#10 Flowering Tobacco

Nicotiana flowers are fragrant with a jasmine-like scent and blooms in delightful pale green to pink color.

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