20+ Animals Whose Unusual Appearance Makes Them Even More Charming

11. This is Rowdy — dog and Venom, 2 in 1

12. “I’ve worked with 1000s of cats, but this guy is possibly the cutest I’ve ever met. Meet Gordon!”

13. The forever sad Madam Eyebrows

14. “My sweet Ophelia on her favorite chair. The marble eyes…”

15. “My 11 year old girl, I still remember when she was all black.”

16. This is Sloth. He was born with a cleft lip and a deformed nose. He’s now almost 2 years old and happier and healthier than ever.

17. Oh, these whiskers!

18. This dog with different color eyes will steal your heart.

19. “Fang is ready to party in all his toothy glory.”

20. This cat’s rare pattern

21. “Meet Peggy! My recently taken in, 3-footed, half-tailed, former stray, and very extraordinary cat.”

22. These paws are amazing.

We could barely believe our eyes when we saw these animals for the first time, and you? Let us know your thoughts in comments below. If you have an unusual pet, please share his or her pictures with us!

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