15-year-old Boy Is Carving Wooden Flags To Support ‘Forgotten Heroes,’ During The Pandemic Fight

Small actions can inspire every people, especially when it comes in the right time. We’ve been facing the complex situation of coronavirus. Not only front line workers are fighting against the pandemic days and nights but we normal people all need to join in. The first is to protect ourselves. Wear mask when going out or interacting with others. It’s a must. Another is to do something to motivate ourselves and help people who are in need. Stay positive. Stay healthy. The story of 15 year-old boy, Lorenzo Liberti with a wooden flag he carved and painted will warm your hearts during this tough time.

Lorenzo Liberti, 15, from Lakewood Ranch, Florida, has raised over $13,000 ito donate for homeless veterans, special needs children, and first responders. The 15 year-old boy sold and donated wooden flags he carves himself.

In 2019, Lorenzo Liberti met a homeless veteran while serving meals at a food pantry with his church youth group.

The teenage boy couldn’t understand how someone who had served the country ended up abandoned when they are off-duty, he says.

“He inspired me to be the change and make a difference,” Lorenzo says.

Lorenzo’s father wanted him to be productive during the whole summer, “so I started tinkering with wood,” he says.

After Lorenzo finished his first flag, people in his community wanted their own. As such, he started selling his “Heroic Flags” to raise money for “forgotten heroes.”

Lorenzo has completed about 60 flags since he started in November. It takes him about 15 to 20 hours to make each flag. In total, that’s over 1,000 hours of work he has spent carving and painting.

Lorenzo’s mother serves as a healthcare worker in the Sarasota Memorial Hospital network. When the pandemic first rocked the nation, he saw “the dedication (first responders) have to the communities,” and decided to include them in his mission, he says.

“We went to war against the virus. Our new soldiers are wearing scrubs instead of camouflage,” he says. “I thought it would be fitting to honor our new heroes with my flags.”

With this new direction, Lorenzo’s Heroic Flags has attracted a lot of local and national attention. There is no surprise why the website sold out of flags within 45 minutes of appearing on Fox and Friends.

“I have a long waiting list of people still wanting flags,” Lorenzo says.

15 year-old boy wants to raise $50,000 to make flags for the hospitals that are most impacted by Covid-19 in each state, and has raised $13,641 so far.

The net proceeds will go towards homeless veterans, “as their needs have not diminished during the pandemic,” he shares on his GoFundMe.

His final goal is to deliver a heroic flag for every house in America, including the White House, he says.

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