10+ Pets Who Frequently Take Over Their Owners’ Personal Space

11. “Every meal…”

12. “I laid on the bed with my clothes on and was immediately captured.”

13. Mr. Big Cat: “You come to ask me for something, but you do it with disrespect.”

14. “Look who came to help me wrap Christmas presents.”

15. Looks like someone found a new bed.

16. You were supposed to share the cake.

17. “I’ve been saving up for a Switch for a couple of months now. I finally got it last week and found this in my dog’s mouth this morning.”

18. “When you decide to take a bath with a book and a candle, and organize the place very nicely. All for this…”

19. The cat knows when you’re preparing for an exam.

Do you have a pet? Is your pet mischievous? Does he or she frequently take over your personal space? If you know the feeling, share this post with your friends, especially cat lovers!

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