10+ Cute Photos That Show How Fast Our Pets Grow

#11 “I wish I had the same stern look as he has.”

#12 “These photos were taken within 1 month.”

#13 “He came to my doorstep once on a cold November evening and stayed to live with me.”

#14 “Why do they grow up so fast!?”

#15 “A homeless kitten fluff that turned into a total rockstar”

#16 “He is still the same small puppy to me.”

#17 “They never part, even for a minute.”

#18 “Look at those huge puppy paws!”

#19 “The maturing of a bold redheaded cat from 1 month old to 1 year old”

#20 “I’m afraid that he’ll keep growing!”

Have you ever captured your growing pet? Feel free to share your photos with us in the comments!

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