10+ Cute Photos That Show How Fast Our Pets Grow

Because of their shorter lifespans, dogs, cats and other pets tend to grow at an enormous speed. In a few months, your cute and foolish puppy will turn into an adult family member. If you see them every day, you might not realize just how much they’ve changed.

For this reason, we’ve created a post full of beautiful pictures of our pets growing up to celebrate their short but loving and meaningful lives. Besides, these pictures will show the world how drastically our pets have changed over time. We are sure that the photos in this article will touch your soul as they did ours. Scroll down to check out!

#1 “It’s been a year since we found him on the street.”

#2 “Meet Ozzy with a difference of 4 months.”

#3 “I found her on the road when she was 1.5 months old. A tiny smoothie turned into a huge, grand smoothie.”

#4 When you’ve grown out of your favorite sweater:

#5 “Sophia knows the ancient secret of how to grow a long tail but she won’t ever tell you.”

#6 “It’s seen instantly — that’s a good boy!”

#7 “We found her in our car engine 7 months ago.”

#8 “We never thought that she’d grow into a beautiful wolf.”

#9 “I picked up this tiny fluff near a trash bin when I was returning home from the store. She grew into a charming princess, Moony.”

#10 “Meet Umka, a scary forest animal.”

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