10+ Adorable Photos Of Proud Mama Cats With Their Kittens

Don’t mess with mama, no matter what species she is.

The average cat litter contains 3-5 kittens, which can be a lot to take care of, especially when you have to feed them all yourself!

These 15 maternal felines are taking care of their furry families with pride.

1. Family photo

We don’t know how, but this cat managed the impossible. She got all of her offspring to look at the camera at the same time!

Tell us your secret!

Source: Inese Pieupe/Bored Panda

2. Mom life

This looks about right.

Mom is giving her all and wondering just how her life got to be so complicated.

Source: Outsyinsy/Imgur

3. Cathulhu

We can’t take credit for that title – that belongs to the Redditor who posted this hilarious photo.

Doesn’t mom look like she’s having the time of her life?

Source: bigshmoo/Reddit

4. The eyes have it

We can certainly see the family resemblance here!

That’s quite an impressive litter of blue-eyed babies to care for.

Source: zakali2/Reddit

5. Soul stare

That’s one photogenic family!

How could you say no to all these faces looking back at you at once?

Source: mr_ari/Reddit

6. There’s one in every family

We’re pretty sure we know which kitten is going to be the trouble-maker in this family.

Looks like he or she is already trying to find a way to jump the fence!

Source: Imgur

7. Keeping them in line

This momma cat is keeping all her babes lined up where she can see them.

How cute do they look all cuddled up and neatly cataloged?

Source: whimsicalraindropcottage/tumblr

8. Discount family photo

No one was quite ready for this shot.

See, this is why you don’t use a Groupon for something as important as a family photo!

Source: megamichi/Reddit

9. Fluffy family

That’s a lot of fluff for one family!

This sweet momma looks so sweet checking on her little nuggets.

We wouldn’t be able to stop admiring them either.

Source: Bornliberal/Imgur

10. Can you watch these for me?

It looks like mom needs a moment to herself after wrangling her kiddos all day.

They look like a rambunctious bunch!

Source: dbz999/Reddit

11. Feral family

Life on the streets is tough for a mama cat and her kittens.

These feral felines were willing to have their photo taken, but they are also giving off an unmistakable “don’t mess with us” vibe.

Source: Chriss Haight Pagani/Flickr

12. Out of energy

It looks like this mom is pretty pooped after a day keeping up with all of her kittens.

Who can blame her for getting a little nap in during dinner?

Source: lorilou_22/Bored Panda

13. Parental supervision

How cute is this whole cat family?!

Even dad is looking on in pride as his little ones eat up.

Source: legssohotyoufryanegg/Imgur

14. Pack of rascals

All mom wanted was one good family photo.

So much for that idea – although we’re finding it quite adorable!

Source: sambit15k/Imgur

15. Can I get a break?

Mom looks like she’s about to pretend she needs to go answer the door or something.

But we know she’s just loving on her kittens.

Source: cutecatsHQ.com

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